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Over the course of our decades-long relationship with St. David’s Healthcare, we have seen the organization grow into the fourth largest private employer in metropolitan Austin as well as one of the largest health systems in Texas. In fact, St. David’s owns and operates eight of the area’s leading hospitals among their more than 160 sites. 

For our very first assignment we addressed their 590-bed main medical center campus, which is located on a dense, urban site in Central Austin, and is immediately adjacent to a two-level stretch of one of the nation’s busiest interstate highways. The sheer number and variety of medical service offerings on campus, the resulting density of the site, and the highly-trafficked perimeter roadways – not to mention a then-new medical office building – presented significant challenges to directing patients and visitors to four parking structures and numerous hospital buildings. 

fd2s developed a comprehensive exterior and interior wayfinding system that directs motorists to the most appropriate garage for their destination, and then clarifies and reinforces pedestrian circulation along key public pathways. Our team also led the effort to simplify and standardize the naming of the organization’s buildings and parking destinations. The wayfinding system and these naming conventions established for the main campus set the precedent that now provides consistent ease-of-navigation across their 160+ sites throughout Central Texas.