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Texas Children’s Hospital


Donor Recognition

Wayfinding Consulting

fd2s provided wayfinding strategy and design services for a major renovation and expansion project involving more than two million square feet of space, with a fabrication and installation cost of approximately $1 million. The system utilizes a bright color palette and strong geometry to create a fun, kid-friendly environment that is also easy to navigate. fd2s worked closely with the project architect to ensure that the system made extensive use of non-signage wayfinding clues, such as wall and floor colors/patterns, and large-scale “play forms.” Work included interior, exterior, and garage components of the project.

Following its successful development of a comprehensive new wayfinding program for the Texas Children’s Hospital, fd2s was asked to create a series of high-profile donor recognition elements for the institution. Our technological capabilities played a large role in the success of the two elements seen below – the two-story “constellation wall” and the “major donor” wall. At the constellation wall, donors are recognized by fiber-optic-enhanced celestial bodies that “twinkle”. The major donor wall is animated with a wash of color that passes across the LED-lit vitrines.