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fd2s is committed to promoting sustainable design and fabrication practices.


fd2s regularly produces resources and tools that reflect our 35+ years of experience in the development and management of wayfinding programs and other design solutions for the physical environment.

These documents provide information that will help administrators, architects, and planners to better understand and address challenges related to the development and management of their own wayfinding or donor recognition programs.

Making the Case for Wayfinding Committees
Coordination and consensus building takes strategy with healthcare wayfinding committees.
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Importance of Healthcare Wayfinding Self-Evaluation
Improving the patient and visitor experience begins with evaluating your current wayfinding program.
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An Introduction to Wayfinding Master Plans
Just getting started? Ground yourself with our white paper "An Introduction to Wayfinding Master Plans."
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An Introduction to Donor Recognition
Understanding the development and implementation of a successful donor recognition strategy.
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