Wayfinding Consulting

Making places easier to understand and navigate

We develop comprehensive wayfinding programs that integrate signage, technology, architectural enhancements, and printed materials to guide users through large, complex environments. These programs address strategic wayfinding approaches, component design, budgets, and phasing plans for short- and long-term implementation.

Wayfinding Master Plans

For large or complex projects, we begin with a thorough evaluation of the wayfinding challenges faced by users of existing or planned projects, and then lay out a detailed road map for addressing current and future wayfinding needs. This includes documenting a strategic approach, and establishing a design direction, budget, and phasing plan for the development and implementation of the wayfinding program.

Wayfinding Implementation

fd2s has extensive experience with the full range of graphic elements in the built environment. This includes interior and exterior pedestrian and vehicular directional signage, building or campus directories, building and tenant identification elements, info booths/kiosks, and architectural clues (landmarks, zoning, pathways, etc.). 

In addition to experts in signage planning and design, the fd2s team also includes specialists in signage materials and fabrication methods, which enables us to provide project implementation services such as documentation, bidding, and contract administration.

Making the Case for Wayfinding Committees
Coordination and consensus building takes strategy with healthcare wayfinding committees.
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Importance of Healthcare Wayfinding Self-Evaluation
Improving the patient and visitor experience begins with evaluating your current wayfinding program.
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An Introduction to Wayfinding Master Plans
Just getting started? Ground yourself with our white paper "An Introduction to Wayfinding Master Plans."
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