AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center


The University of Texas at Austin


Experiential Branding

Wayfinding Consulting

fd2s provided a full range of environmental graphic design services for The University of Texas at Austin’s AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. The project includes more than 40,000 square feet of meeting space, 297 guest rooms, underground parking, as well as three restaurants and a gift shop, the latter of which fd2s created unique graphic identities and signage. 

Meeting spaces for a variety of audiences, east and west entrances that are separated by two building levels, dedicated elevator usage, and a sub-grade connection to adjoining facilities were a few of the challenges to orientation and wayfinding. Rich historical imagery was brought to bear in order to distinguish lobbies and elevators while also conveying the University’s brand.

The team even created the Grand Ballroom’s custom carpet design, which is inspired by a variety of influences including historic University architecture with its iconic laurels, filigree, and crests; the nearby Texas State Capitol, and even lyrics from the school song.