Aggie Park


The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University


Experiential Branding

Donor Recognition

Aggie Park is a 20-acre tract in the heart of the Texas A&M University campus that serves as a hub for gatherings of the Aggie Network. The park comprises a variety of venues including an amphitheater, performance pavilion, lakeside creamery, and the Pillars Lawn. Framing the appropriately-named Pillars Lawn are 28 stone-clad pylons inscribed with recognition of former students whose significant financial gifts helped underwrite the development of the park. 
fd2s worked closely with The Association of Former Students to develop the content strategy; curate information to ensure consistent and cohesive messaging, and design the graphic displays. The cumulative story told by these Pillars of the Aggie Network provides an eloquent dialogue with campus visitors, and particularly former, current, and future students, as they walk between Clayton Williams, Jr. Alumni Center and Aggie Park. Future plans for the site include a student-centric event facility that will double as the new home for Aggie Ring Day operations and events.