Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District


Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District


Experiential Branding

The often thankless job of conserving, preserving, and protecting the quality and quantity of groundwater resources for the citizens of a 4-county area in Central Texas falls on the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, or MTGCD. Their mission is accomplished through educational programs, aquifer and well monitoring, and carrying out the powers and duties enumerated in the Texas Water Code. 

Close on the heels of designing the brand and interpretive signage program for MTGCD’s outdoor environmental education center, affectionately called The Ditch, fd2s developed a companion graphic identity for the parent organization. This identity illustrates the organization’s environmental focus and visually connects MTGCD with their outreach efforts at The Ditch. In short, MTGCD’s identity personalizes what has historically been a faceless enterprise.