Headwaters at the Comal


New Braunfels Utilities


Donor Recognition

Exhibit and Interpretive Design

fd2s created a program of wayfinding, donor recognition, and interpretive signage for New Braunfels Utilities’ Headwaters at the Comal. NBU has repurposed this former utilities operations center as an interpretive landscape and corporate conference center. Once primarily covered by asphalt, the reclaimed site now highlights the region’s hydrological, environmental, and cultural history while also serving as a real-life example of sustainable design and water-use practices. 

fd2s created custom illustrations and infographics for the interpretive exhibits, which focus on themes of water conservation, water quality, species protection, and habitat restoration. These exhibits, written by Content & Context, are meant to inspire visitors to think about efforts they can make at home to conserve and protect the region’s natural resources. 

In response to the sensitive nature of the site, the fd2s team took care to minimize the size and depth of the sign foundations and used a palette of weathered steel and powder-coated aluminum to emphasize durability and longevity.