Thrive Nature Park


City of Lewisville Parks and Recreation


Exhibit and Interpretive Design

Wayfinding Consulting

As part of the implementation of the new wayfinding and signage master plan it created for the City of Lewisville’s Parks & Recreation Department, fd2s developed signage for Lewisville’s Thrive Nature Park. Thrive offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor recreation and self-enrichment opportunities for the community’s 100,000+ residents. Facilities include trails for running, walking, and birdwatching.

The signage works within the City’s new wayfinding and signage master plan while also reflecting the Thrive graphic identity and incorporating the architectural palette of the facility’s bridges and trails.

Unique details sprinkled throughout the signage program help add personality and visual interest to this high-profile site. Interpretive information for birders, for example, is presented on panels perforated with patterns that evoke movement and flight.