Robert B. Rowling Hall


The University of Texas at Austin
McCombs School of Business


Donor Recognition

Experiential Branding

Wayfinding Consulting

fd2s devised a wayfinding program that helps reinforce a stronger sense of connection between Robert B. Rowling Hall and AT&T Executive Education Conference Center. Perceived as separate facilities, the shared plaza and below-grade connecting concourse are evidence that the two buildings are, in fact, extensions of each other, with shared programming and facilities for graduate-level business students, faculty, and staff. 

Initially engaged to develop the wayfinding, our services were expanded to include donor recognition, branding of the food service dubbed Moontower Cafe, and even privacy patterning (inspired by the building’s geometry in plan) applied to glass partitions. Modules of the pattern accommodate three different levels of printed white opacity for varying degrees of visual privacy in collaboration spaces.