Over Yonder Cay


Capital Technologies, Inc.


Experiential Branding

Exhibit and Interpretive Design

On a remote 70-acre island in the Caribbean Exumas an amazing experiment is being conducted. The island’s owner has harnessed the energy of the elements — wind, water, sun, and earth — to create a self-sufficient and carbon-neutral environment that serves as both retreat and think tank. 

fd2s, in partnership with Asterisk Design and Content & Context, helped write and tell this story via wayfinding and interpretive components that reference the four elements, while touting the island’s flora and fauna. Brightly colored, layered polycarbonate forms perched atop indigenous stone pedestals are associated with the four new lavish villas on the island and serve as subtle orientation, while porcelain enamel panels nested in ipe wood totems speak to the new and existing ecology of the island. Bronze logo medallions that recall the four elements serve as handsome counterpoints to the heavy texture of the pervasive island limestone.